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Professional Cell Phone Repair Experts

Cell Phone Repair and Programming Services

Microlenk Technologies of Brainerd, MN is your local source for all of your cell phone repair, cell phone data recovery and programming services.  We handle basic to the most advanced cell phone repair services. Our technicians are experienced cell phone repair and programming professionals who use the only the latest and best tools and equipment to perform the most complex jobs. 


Our Most Popular Services

Your Local Cell Phone Repair, Cell Phone Data Recovery and Programming Professionals

Cell Phone Screen Repair

We specialize in cell phone screen repair, one of the most common types of repairs we encounter. Screen repair can be a tricky and is a delicate process, and it's important to get it done right the first time. That's why we use only the highest quality parts and materials when working on your device. We also offer warranties on all our parts and services.

Cell Phone Data Recovery 

We provide professional data recovery services for many types of cell phone devices. If your device has suffered physical damage or has been exposed to water, don't worry - we have specialized equipment that allows us to recover lost data even in those cases. Call us today to discuss your specific data recovery project and we will be happy to assist you in creating a plan to obtain your files, pictures and more.

Cell Phone Board Repairs

Cell phone logic board repair is becoming increasingly popular as more and more devices suffer from hardware and software failure. Logic board repair requires a knowledgeable technician to diagnose the exact cause of the problem. It can involve replacing defective components, replacing faulty chips, or even full board replacements depending on the severity of the issue. Our skilled technicians will have the necessary tools and experience to identify and replace any broken parts with precision.

Cell Phone NAND Programming and Repair Services

Do you have a damaged cell phone that can't seem to be fixed? If your phone has a bad or corrupted NAND chip, there may still be hope. With the right repair service, you can get your cell phone back to its original operating state.

Cell Phone Liquid Damage Repair

When it comes to cell phone liquid damage repair, having a knowledgeable and experienced technician is essential. It's important to understand the logical flow of repairing the device and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to restore the device back to its original state. The first step is to check the components that could have been damaged due to liquid damage. This includes checking the printed circuit boards (PCB) for corrosion, checking any visible damage on the connectors, and looking for possible damaged memory chips or other vital components. Once these components have been checked, then it's time to move on to re-flashing or resetting the NAND chip which holds your data and other important files.

We are your local cell phone repair provider. 

We Can Recover Your Lost, Damaged or Corrupted Data.

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